Seeing the Future

Seeing the Future

We all have a purpose to fulfill. Mine is to see the future.

I've never really been a trend setter, except for when a buddy of mine and I started a business selling banners and posters made on our computers in 5th grade. The idea caught on and within a couple of weeks, everyone had some business

The other was in naming my first child. We knew she was going to be a girl and even had a couple of names picked out, but something didn't seem right. Randomly going through the alphabet, I came to Olivia.

Being sticklers for non-popular names, we immediately googled and Olivia was nowhere to be found on any top whatever list for as many years back as we looked. The very next year, Olivia was the number one most popular name. Same thing happened with our second, Sofia. She only made it to #3 though.

Trend setter? You make the call. 

Prevailing Winds - Regardless of your answer, the reality is that I thrive on knowing what the latest trends are and the potential ones. Much to the disdain of my 6 children, I don't always apply those trends to myself. Personal drummer. Nuf sed.

What does this have to do with Chiropractic? More than you may realize. Here's a trend.

Currently, baby boomers (those born between '46 & 64') are earning over $2.4 trillion per year! Yes, that's a "T." It accounts for roughly 42% of all after-tax income in the US and their accumulated wealth totals over $30 trillion!

They totaled 74.9 million in 2015 (US Census) and the last of them turned 50 in 2014. So, approximately 23ish% of the population holds over 40% of the $$.

Yes, they are spending money like crazy on crazy things - they lived through the 60's - hello! And, yes, they are interested in staying active and enjoying their life, which translates to them spending gobs of money on "healthcare."

And, more of them are choosing preventive, proactive care like Chiropractic to ensure (no pun intended) they will get to spend as much of that money as they can. And, yes, we should be looking to deliver Chiropractic to them....


Who will be inheriting all of that wealth? (No jokes about the IRS)   Gen-Xer's & Millennials.

Let's consider those two groups for just a moment. The youngest Gen-Xer turned 33 in 2015. What health values did they grow up with? Vaccinate, medicate, eat crap (my personal favorite as a kid - Funyuns & Mello Yello  #spellcheck?), etc. We were more active, so that's one thing going for us.

The tide has not turned dramatically, but it has turned. Healthfood stores were NOT main stream. The first Whole Foods didn't open until 1980.

 Oh yeah! Good look.

Those Millennials though...While many have grown up with similar health values as the generation before them, it is more widely accepted/mainstream than ever before.


Millennials (born 1980-2000) are the generation who...

  1. Stand to reap the bulk of that money the boomers are hanging onto
  2. Are entering adulthood making different decisions about health & how they spend money, and   THE NEXT ONE IS A BIGGY!
  3. They are literally creating the next generation

There are 92 million Millennials in the US according to a Godman & Sach's article that cited the US Census Burea, and they are set to receive what is being called, "the great wealth transfer." That $30 trillion is starting to trickle down.

The gears should be turning.

That's enough to let you ponder for now.  I'll fill you in on more soon about points 2 & 3 in particular. Until then, stay focused on making a difference in the life of the one in front of you.

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God Bless

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